Unique Colours

Rubio Monocoat is unique because the oil protects the wood in one single layer. Another reason for its success is the nearly endless selection of colours, to colour the wood. If you have a colour in mind that you can’t find in our extensive standard range, please contact us and we will do everything in our power to find an answer to your question. 
  • Interior
    • Precolor Easy
      In order to create special contrasts, one can opt for a pre-colouring from the RMC Precolor Easy palette. The available colours can 
      be mixed. Easy to apply, and with consistent results. The combination of these precolours and our oil allows unlimited creative and aesthetic possibilities. Available in 14 different colours.

      Samples shown on White Oak. The colours shown are for reference only and are not binding.‚Äč
      • Alpaca White

        Alpaca White

      • Antique Beige

        Antique Beige

      • Cashmere Brown

        Cashmere Brown

      • Intense Black

        Intense Black

      • Intense Grey

        Intense Grey

      • Mint White

        Mint White

      • Monsoon Grey

        Monsoon Grey

      • Mystic Brown

        Mystic Brown

      • Nordic White

        Nordic White

      • Pebble Grey

        Pebble Grey

      • Smoked Brown

        Smoked Brown

      • Urban Grey

        Urban Grey

      • Vanilla Cream

        Vanilla Cream

      • Vintage Brown

        Vintage Brown

    • Oil Plus 2C
    • FR Oil System
    • Oil Plus 2C - Colour Trends 2017
    • Pre-Aging
  • Exterior
  • Industry
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