Rubio Monocoat cares for the people in Peru

25 August 2020

Rubio Monocoat cares for the people in Peru

All over the world COVID-19 is leaving its mark on our health and economy. However, especially in Peru (South America) people are suffering. The strict measurements Peru took in March are not given the desired effect due to a poor health care system and economic structure.

Many people are now living in extreme poverty and lacking basic needs.

At Rubio Monocoat Peru we find it our social responsibility to help everywhere and everyone we can. We had the opportunity to help the local community of the guard of our office building, who came asking for help for his and 35 other families, who call themselves ‘Manos Unidas el Trebol’, just outside of the capital of Peru, Lima.

Thanks to the extra financial support we received, we were able to provide warm clothing for 50 children, a kitchen on gas instead of wood, food for almost 2 months, and other small needs. We as Rubio Monocoat Peru are able to help this community apart from urgent help with a structural and sustainable help to help them improve themselves every day.

We hope people in Peru will be able to return to their old activities fast, boost their living circumstances and start living their lives again. So please support your local communities, wear your mouth mask, disinfect your hands, and be safe.

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