Rubio Monocoater

Rubio Monocoater is a compact, “all-in-one” industrial finishing line that combines all the elements required for flawless industrial finishing and is consequently characterised by user comfort and professionalism!
Based on the experience we built up the last years, we lately have been finetuning our finishing line. Thanks to a new shutter system and the parallel adjustment of the oil thickness, the Rubio Monocoater makes the industrial finishing of wooden floors even more easy and accurate!
  • 1 frame of ca 5,2 m long and ca 1,12 m with 4 units (brushing unit, roller coater, pad unit, polishing unit).
  • 3 separate conveyor belts.
  • Fully electrical controls for each unit.
  • CE certified.
  • Models: 420 E and 700 E.
  • + NEW in the roller coater unit:
    • New spring-loaded shutter system on both sides of the application roller, no leakage possible!
    • Only one hand wheel to manage all critical adjustments of the dosing roller.
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