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Helgstrand Dressage

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Interior_Helgstrand Dressage



Locations :

Vodskov, Denmark


Andreas Helgstrand talking:
Finding the right finish for our riding barriers was quite a challenge. We have 20 to 25 riders every day, who ride 8-10 horses in the arena. This causes a lot of traffic, which results in a high level of wear and tear of the riding barrier. It was therefore important to us to find the right finish.

Rubio Monocoat contacted us and made all kinds of samples for with different colours. This enabled us to easily choose the right colour.

Before the Rubio Monocoat colour could be applied, they had to sand the entire riding barrier first. Rubio Monocoat hired Lars Bo Asmussen for this, who brought the beautiful bamboo back to the surface. After that, the riding barrier was made dust-free with Rubio Monocoat Cleaner. Next, they were able to start the application of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C  in the colour Pure.

The result is stunning. Our riding barrier looks like new, with a warm, deep colour and with an improved natural structure of the bamboo. To continue to guarantee this look, the barrier is cleaned with Rubio Monocoat Universal Soap. If there are any scratches, made by a kick with horseshoes or stirrups, they can be repaired easily with Rubio Monocoat Universal Maintenance Oil, both on the spot or the entire barrier.

We opted for Rubio Monocoat because of their extensive colour range, their high service level and professional approach to providing solutions. Helgstrand Dressage has many events every year and visitors from all over the world, so our woodwork has to be in perfect condition at all times. Rubio Monocoat Nordic was able to provide us with exactly what we had in mind.

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