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Rubio Monocoat Headoffice

Project Type:

Interior - Rubio Monocoat Headoffice



Locations :

Izegem, Belgium

Wood Species

Oak , Pine


Rubio Monocoat’s “modern black beauty”

Big, black, located along the E403 Kortrijk-Brugge, close to Plant 1 and no less than 12,500 m² in size: that is the new Rubio Monocoat head office building, designed by Architects Wylein & Partners!

In the summer of 2016, a completely new building was put into operation, which is dedicated exclusively to Rubio Monocoat products. To keep up with the constant growth of Rubio Monocoat products and to continue to guarantee good service, this expansion was inevitable. And that is how Rubio Monocoat Head office Plant 2 came to be.

New, new, new
We are happy there is a new company building, because it has a lot of advantages, both for the client and the employees. There is a larger stock of Rubio Monocoat products and all processes have now been automated, such as filling, labelling and packaging orders. We are now able to deliver even faster and more efficient than before.

Compared to Plant 1 in the Ambachtenstraat, the new building is a lot more contemporary. It has a lot more light and the rooms are much more open as well as bigger. This means that there was room for a totally new Rubio Academy. The Rubio Academy provides custom training for sales staff and clients. First, the participants get a short theoretical introduction, after which they get a healthy dose of practical experience. Depending on the client and his target group, the training is geared to industrial or manual applications, or both.

Show what you have
Next to the Rubio Academy there is a completely modernized showroom, designed by Nanopixel and carried out by Kevin Hellebuyck of Clients are invited into our cosy corner and kitchen for informal meetings in a warm and comfortable space.

In addition, clients get to taste the “Rubio Monocoat atmosphere” there. They can see our wide selection of colours on the walls and our colourful couch, made by Green Furniture. We also have our King of Colors configurator in the showroom. This tool helps you test our 40 colours on various types of wood finishing and you can experience the results in a realistic environment.

Products and colours:
-          Platform and kitchen: 24-hours smoked oak, RMC Oil Plus 2C colour is a mix of 50% Mahogany and 50% Charcoal
-          Two cabinets: pine, RMC Oil Plus 2C colour Smoke 5%
The element of surprise
Just like in the showroom, we extended the warm colours to the upper floor where the marketing and (internal) sales offices are located. With the light floor, we wanted to use a contrasting colour for the cabinets. This is how we created a “statement element” in our own offices.

Products and colours:
-          Floor: RMC Oil Plus 2C colour Smoke 5%
-          Cabinets: RMC Oil Plus 2C colour Custom-made.
We used our own products and colours as much as possible in the new building. Now we are fully Rubio Monocoat ourselves!
We breathe wood!



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