Rubio References

Salsa Mexican Grill & Food Chain

Project Type:

Restaurant interior



Locations :

Kyalami, Johannesburg, South Africa


Shopfitting Studio


Client Overview:
Shopfitting Studio has a long history of being in the industry. Assisting with design, manufacturing and installation for a vast array of outlets, including; Offices, Restaurants, Shops, Hospitals, Supermarkets as well as the Hospitality and Entertainment industry.
Their services are off ered in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and Angola and are well equipped for the rest of Africa, and Internationally.

Project Overview:
It was critical to specify the correct colours for Food Chain and Salsa Mexican Grill, to ensure the brand identity was standardised throughout, with no variance. Both the Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C, and Hybrid Wood Protector ranges were applied to counters, wall cladding, bulkheads, table tops, counter fronts, chairs, benches and door frames.

Endorsement Statement:
''We as Shopfitters, have chosen Rubio Monocoat because of their large range of products and colours. We can adapt colours to the many different specs we have with our variety of clients.
The products are safe to use, containing no solvent chemicals (0% VOC). This is vital to us, operating in the hospitality industry. This valuble feature assures our customers, and does not violate any health issues.''

- Wouter de Klerk - MD (Shopfitting Studio)

RMC colour range applied:

Food Chain:
  • RMC Oil Plus 2C - Mud Light

Applied to: Chairs, tables, wall cladding, bulkheads and fixed furniture

Salsa Mexican Grill:
  • RMC Oil Plus 2C - Dark Oak
  • Hybrid Wood Protector - Veggie, Sunset, Sunflower, Dragon fruit, Lagoon, Castle Brown

Applied to: Chairs, tables, planters, bar counter, railing and wall cladding
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