Rubio References

St Peter's Boys Prep School

Project Type:

School Chapel Renovation



Locations :

Paulshoff, Johannesburg, South Africa


Rubio Monocoat

Surface Area (m²/Sq Ft)

100 m2 +


St Peter's School, based in Paulshof, Johannesburg, is recognised as a leading Anglican South African preparatory school, providing a caring, superior, holistic education, responsive to the needs of the individual and the community, embracing diversity, upholding Christian values, building on tradition and recognising national and global developments. St Peter's School always strives to improve the interaction between the staff, pupils, parents and the community.

Project Overview:
Rubio Monocoat was the timber finishing choice for the St Peter's Chapel. Our Rubio team refurbished the timber surfaces with our RMC Oil Plus 2C - Colour: Gun Smoke. The timber surfaces consisted of a balcony, cross, flooring, railing and pillars.

Endorsement Statements:
“The look of the new wood is so appropriate for our Chapel. The coating/oils have given it a rich gloss and a depth of colour which contributes to the solemnity of the interior. We were particularly grateful for the professionalism of the team in the way they tackled the task: it was done swiftly and with no mess."
- Greg Royce, Rector (St Peter's)

"We were worried that the project would not be completed in time for a looming church service of some importance. The team rose to the occasion and cheerfully worked long hours to meet this deadline."
- Fr Richard Wossler, Chaplain (St Peter's)


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