Rubio References

"Stable" Lawyer office

Project Type:

Furniture object



Locations :



Studio Farris Architects

Wood Species



Studio Farris Architects transformed a small barn into an office with meeting room, library, office desks and a resting/reading area. Instead of adding a second floor to the existing building, which would change the perception of the whole space, an autonomous furniture object was placed in the space, referring to the original farm and rural area. This extra object, made out of stacked up wooden beams, transforms the space in a very functional office.  Because of the manner in which the beams are stacked, a variety of areas was created. On the top several workspaces were created, accommodating two desks. Underneath the workspace-platform a meeting area was created, with a view of the landscape. The stacked beams become library, bookshelves, storage and resting and reading corners. The beams were stacked in this particular way so that you can climb the stairs to the upper workspace, and can easily reach the different bars on each level.




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